Prayer Works! We know it does. We want to pray for you and your intentions. We may even call you back and pray with you personally on the phone or mention your prayer request on our LIVE Radio Show if you give us permission.


Please fill out the info below and be assured of our prayers. Trust in God and His love for you. The very fact that He brought you here now is a sure sign He is working in your life. Thank you for responding. May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you.

Do we have your permission to call you so we can pray with you on the phone?

Yes, of course you may call. No, just pray for me please.

May we add you to our Email list to send you inspirational updates?

Yes, please add me. Thanks. No, just pray for me please.

May we pray for you on LIVE radio and ask all of our listeners to pray for you?

Yes, that would be AMAZING if you could. No, just pray for me please privately.